I have chosen life the subject matter of my artwork. My art captures emotions, beauty, love, heartbreak, happiness, and sadness. My goal is to express feelings which are not acknowledged and to express them using the language of art. Painting has allowed me to express myself in many forms and to relive my good memories. As Edward Hopper says ” If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”

Atoosa Shokoohi, was born in 1985 in Tehran, Iran. A Melbourne-based artist who works mainly in acrylic impressionism and abstract art. Prior to taking up painting, she had a passion and talent for Design. Prior to that, she accomplished her Bachelor of Industrial design at RMIT University. A few short years later, she started painting professionally and met George Haidar who became her mentor for 3 years. whilst in her early thirties, she was determined to extend her expertise in visual art so she started exhibiting her paintings at many Melbournian galleries.

Following some difficult times, she regained the capability to see things in a new perspective and to feel the beauty of life and nature. She tries to express her own aesthetics through her art, and the message of life is her muse. Preferring acrylic, she finds that this is the perfect medium to interpret her intense passion for the subjects she depicts, loving the vivid and opaque property of acrylic paint.

In both her abstract and impressionism artwork, Atoosa Shokoohi has devoted herself to bringing the beauty and serenity that she feels when depicting subjects to those who view and collect her work.

Atoosa Shokoohi currently lives in Richmond, Melbourne, she has been a professional artist for 8 years.